Alba is ready to help Barcelona in every role.

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Experienced Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba insists he is always ready to help the football club. And the young players in the squad. Despite being reduced to a role as a substitute.

Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba the 33 year old insists he is always ready to help the club in any role. After coming off the bench for 18-year-old left-back Alejandro Valde. As well as joining Marcos Alonso’s team to compete for another position. Diario Sport reported today last Thursday UFABET

Alba started for the season opener against Rayo Vallecano. Before coming off the bench for Valde in the last three games until the 33-year-old left-back returned to the starting XI in the win over Victoria. Pilsen 5-1 in the Champions League on Wednesday.

The 33-year-old left-back told.

‘I don’t have to prove myself. And I have been at the club for many years. I still go through periods of not playing and always trying to play. Try to be in the best possible shape.’ Alba said. ‘I don’t have those times now. More on the bench than playing. But I try to encourage the group as much as I can.’

‘I’ve been there for years and the atmosphere is special. When I have to play like yesterday (with Pilsen), help the team, I never complain. I hope I can play a lot of games, I’m doing well, trying to work, trying to make the young players better, better and better.’

Asked about a deal between Barcelona and Inter Milan before the summer transfer window closed without notice, Alba and his representatives, the 33-year-old left-back replied: ‘I’m straight. always straight Not everyone will do it.’

‘But I am, but at this point it doesn’t surprise me any more in the world of football. I have nothing else to say Although I want to say more.’