Gabi is proud to be the youngest player to reach 100 Barca appearances.

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Barcelona midfielder Gabi admits he is proud to reach 100 appearances for the club. Azulgrana narrowly defeated Osasuna 2-1 in La Liga on Sunday night. The visiting team scored the winning goal from a late penalty from Robert Lewandowski. Helping the team win again.

“It’s a dream to make 100 appearances for Barca, I’m very proud of it.” Gabi, who set the record for becoming the youngest player to make 100 appearances for Azulgrana, told DAZN UFABET

In addition, the Spanish midfielder also spoke about the latest game, insisting that it was a difficult battle. But he is happy because Barcelona came back with 3 points.

“It is always difficult to play at this stadium. Happy to win

“Two years ago they told us this. The coach has improved us a lot. Getting three points from such a difficult field. It changed to a desire for victory. And always improve in the game in order to win.”

The rising star has continued to get opportunities to play and has shown consistency over the past two seasons. He played 47 matches in the 2021/22 season and 49 matches in the 2022/23 season. And scored 6 goals and 13 assists in all his appearances for Barcelona.