Enrique explains how to use Asensio as a striker.

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PSG coach Luis Enrique explains the reason for choosing Marco Asensio to play in the position of center forward. Paris Saint-Germain Created an excellent performance. Attacking Olympique Lyonnais 4-1 in the Ligue 1 battle last Sunday night. Making the former champion win the second match in a row. After the first two games ended in a draw.

After the game, French media asked Enrique about Asensio’s performance as a center forward. who plays together with Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele UFABET

“We have known him for a very long time. I know him very well. He is a different number 9 striker with excellent movement. And He is a very mobile player.” said the Spaniard.

“He knows how to play between opposing lines. Especially in the middle of the field. He can also play as a target man in front of the defence. In the middle of the field he plays with the ability to solve situations. 

“The three attacking players (Dembele, Asensio, Mbappe) did a very good job. And when they were taken off it was the work of (Bradley) Bargola or (Gonzalo) Ramos.

“I also have another Golo Muani. I am happy with these players I have in attack. And I can’t wait to mix and put them to use.”