Quiz Are you at risk of degenerative joint disease?

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brings a simple test whether you are at risk of “osteoarthritis” or not? Let’s try it before reading the article below. If you’re ready, go ahead and answer the questions. If you answered yes to more than 3 questions, then read on. Because you may be at risk for osteoarthritis.

  1. You have had joint pain for more than 6 weeks (a month and a half).
  2. your pain It starts with pain in only 1-2 joints, such as knee joints, elbow joints, wrists, etc.
  3. Your pain level is mild to moderate and may increase as you apply weight to the area. or use that area
  4. Your pain will be less or better when you rest that part.
  5. You experience pain in that area, first less, then gradually increasing pain over time. not sudden pain
  6. In the morning you will feel stiffness in your joints. But the symptoms do not last long (less than 30 minutes).
  7. Have ever had a folded knee Leg weakness while walking suddenly
  8. Around the painful joint, there is also a slight swelling.
  9. In any part of the pain, the joints of that part will not stretch as much as possible, for example, unable to fully spread the legs and arms. If you have knee or elbow pain
  10. There is a rustling sound when moving that organ.
  11. The knuckles grow and become stiff, making it difficult to put on or take off the ring.

If someone answers “yes” to more than three of these questions, you are at risk for osteoarthritis or inflammation. You should see your doctor for a thorough examination.

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