Putting a mobile phone near the pillow increases the risk of cancer?

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There is no clear evidence that placing a cell phone near the head This increases the risk of developing brain cancer in both adults and children. In addition, mobile phones emit radio waves. Not electromagnetic waves as claimed

as posted and share messages in various media about the subject matter Place your phone near your pillow when you sleep. cause brain cancer Information from the Department of Medical Services The Ministry of Public Health said there was a warning message for those who like to put their mobile phones on their heads. Because mobile phones have electromagnetic waves that are the main cause of brain cancer, in fact, there are currently studies in many researches. But there is no clear evidence that the use of mobile phones. or placing a mobile phone near the head This increases the risk of developing brain cancer in both adults and children.

However, this relationship still needs to be studied. and long-term follow-up in the future

Are radio waves from telephones dangerous to health ?

The use of mobile phones has become more widespread. and more duration of use The mobile phone emits radio waves. The obvious effect of radio waves emitted by mobile phones on the human body is to increase the temperature of the exposed organs, such as when holding a mobile phone to the ear for a long time. It only makes you feel the heat in your ears.

For those who are concerned want to avoid radio waves from mobile phones This may be done by reducing the use of mobile phones as much as possible. Use a landline or landline phone instead. Or if it is necessary to use a mobile phone, choose to use a Hand free device, such as turning on the speaker or using headphones by placing the mobile phone away from the head.

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