The function of the skin Understanding skin – the skin’s protective barrier

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The function of the skin Understanding skin – the skin’s protective barrier.

The skin is the largest part of the body. That is like shield protecting Understanding skin from factors. That harm skin. When skin healthy. The subcutaneous layer can be arranged in an orderly manner to protect the skin. Dexpanthenol helps restore the skin’s natural protective barrier. To make the skin look healthy. Report from

The function of the skin

The skin performs most important function. Protecting our Understanding skin from external factors that harm the skin.

  • Maintains moisture balance in the body and prevents moisture from leaving the body
  • adjust body temperature
  • It receives the force of contact on the skin.

What is our skin supposed to protect us from?

  • temperature change and the humidity of the air The skin can balance the body’s temperature. Prevents moisture loss and balance fluids in the body
  • Diseases from viruses and bacteria. The skin prevents germs from entering the body.
  • Sunlight by protecting the skin from the sun damaging the skin layer.
  • chemicals from pollution or skin products

Factors that harm the skin?

External factors affect the condition of Understanding skin including sunlight, pollution, and temperature changes. It weakens the skin’s protective barrier, making the skin dry, sensitive, and easily irritated.

Bathing too often And the temperature is too high, causing the skin to dry out and harm the skin barrier.

Not eating enough food, exercising, not getting enough sleep, and smoking are causes that lead to the destruction of the skin’s protective barrier.

How does the skin protect us?

Skin made up of 3 important layers: the Epidermis, Dermis, and Subcutis. They come together to act as a protective barrier for the skin.

Epidermis, outermost layer of skin Protect the skin from external factors that harm the skin. The outermost layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum or horny layer. Which consists of dead skin cells enclosed in epidermal lipids and is covered by a hydrolipid flim consisting of an acid mantle.

Epidermal lipids
function as a source of moisture. Create a barrier to protect the skin To prevent bacteria and viruses from the skin

The hydrolipid film
combines water and oil to nourish the skin. which covers the skin Strengthen the skin’s protective barrier

The acid mantle
is the water part of the Hydrolipid film.